Why Scheduled Creative Play is Important for Creatives

Prioritize time to let your creative brain explore and innovate

Devette Lindsay


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Creating was Once Effortless

Remember when you were a kid, and you’d dump out those large Lego blocks onto the floor and just start building? You weren’t sure what would come of it, but you trusted the process until something took shape. Within minutes, a perfect object was formed, and you felt brilliant. If you didn’t like your work, you’d simply pull it apart and start over again. No fear, no self-doubt, just curiosity through play.

Later in life, organized sports, classroom projects, and self-consciousness became parts of life. Soon enough, creative play would be seen as silly, and eventually, unproductive.

Fun Anyone?

Now is the perfect time to revive your sense of curiosity and experimentation. Invest in your creative development by having fun. Just as self-care improves our appreciation for life, creative play lays the groundwork for innovation and artistic growth. Let’s delve into how artful play can steer your work in fresh and exhilarating directions.

What is Creative Play?

Creative play is engaging in unstructured activities that allow your mind to wander, experiment, and explore. The only requirement is that your activities excite your artistic brain. Photography, crocheting, drawing, home decor, journaling, watching documentaries — whatever makes you feel that creative spark. Play does not have to be related to your serious projects or developing your work skills. This is simply for pure enjoyment and artistic stimulation.

Why is Creative Play Important?

Unstructured play allows your mind to see things in different ways, make interesting artistic connections, and experience the joy of an artistic life. Know what engages your imagination and then immerse yourself in a creative playground of…



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